Ways To Last Longer In Bed

Most of the men worry that they will be unable to last long enough to please their partners in bed. However, the more they worry about it, the more likely it becomes that they will finish sooner, resulting in greater frustration due to this performance anxiety. External factors like work stress, inadequate sleep, and improper diet only compound this condition in men, and those leading fast-paced lives find it increasingly more difficult to enjoy sex with their partners. However, if this is something you currently experience, there is no need to get too worked up. Here are some surefire natural ways to make sure you last much longer in bed, and keep your partner and yourself satisfied.

Ways To Last Longer In Bed

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If you consider sex as a pleasurable activity and perform with this attitude, your mind will send the right signals throughout your body accordingly to make it continue the act, and the longer it will put off your ejaculation. However, if you are concerned about any pending tasks that you need to take care of, or are not having a good time in bed with your partner, your penis will act towards making you climax soon just so you can get it over with. All you need to do is to just write down all your pending to-do’s to get them out of your head, if you are unable to stop your mind from wandering towards them.

Master the right rhythm of breathing with the help of breathing exercises which will help you relax your body during sex. As your mind and body begin to feel more relaxed, the longer you can last without wanting to climax. A simple way to do this when having sex is to take deep breaths with your mouth to relax your body as you feel the strain building up on your penis to put off the urge to ejaculate.

Perform Kegel exercises to tighten the muscles that control your ejaculation. To start with, try controlling the flow of urine, starting and stopping it repeatedly. Practice your Kegels wherever you like, whenever you like – tighten your muscles, hold for a short while, and then release them. You can start with quick clench and release action repeated over a set amount of time, e.g. 5 seconds or 10 seconds, with a corresponding break in between sets to relax. Increase the number of repetitions over time as your muscles get stronger and you build up your stamina.

Try the start and stop mechanism when masturbating. Work up the time it takes to ejaculate by bringing yourself up to a high but stopping just before you need to let go. This method lets you last longer when in bed. Practice on your own as you masturbate and increase the amount of duration until ejaculation. And then when you get to the real thing, you know you can last just as long, if not better. Even when having sex, starting and stopping helps interrupt your routine and lets you continue holding your erection for a longer time without feeling like you need to ejaculate and finish.

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