Techniques To Last Longer in Bed

techniques to last longerSex is an act almost everyone derives the greatest pleasure out of. And everyone wants to make this feeling last for as long as possible. One of the biggest worries that a man faces is achieving his orgasm well before his partner is able to do so, leaving her frustrated and unsatisfied. Here are a few surefire techniques you can practice so you never have to worry about finishing off too soon and leaving your woman unhappy.

Be happy together. Sex is not just about the act but everything that goes with. For a better sex life, it is important to feel more intimate and comfortable with your partner. Sex gets better as you get to know each other better. And the more you enjoy your partner’s company, the more you will enjoy being intimate with her, and lasting for a much longer time during sex.

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Slow down every now and then. Alternating between hard thrusting and gentler, slower motions is not only extremely pleasurable to both you and your partner, it also lets you hold your erection for a much longer time. Going slow helps relax the pressure buildup in your penis and delays its need to ejaculate as a result.

Reduce deep penetration. The vaginal entrance is where most of the sensitive nerve endings are and that’s where your primary focus should be if you intend on pleasing her. This technique is better than deep penetration even for you as it will let you stay erect longer. Experiment with various angles until you find the perfect angle that is comfortable for you and most satisfying for her.

Think of other things to distract your mind from sex. The lesser you think about sex, the lesser stress you will take and the longer you can last. During sex, when you feel like you are about to reach an orgasm, distract your mind by thinking of something entirely non-sexual. This will break your body’s build-up to the climax and delay your need to ejaculate.

Masturbate before sex. Masturbation will help calm your mind and its effect will help you perform much better when you are in bed with your partner, practicing the real thing. It also releases some of the tension in your penis so that during sex, your mind is in greater control and can help you sustain your erection for a much longer time. It also helps if you improve your timing as you masturbate and try to delay your need to ejaculate when you are on your own.

Go for a second round. If you finish too soon when having sex, there is no need to despair. Get yourself some rest and prepare to go again. The second time around, you will find that you are able to go on for much longer than the first time. This is because there is a delay in sperm build-up as you get ready for a repeat performance. This delay fortunately translates into a much longer duration of your erection. And it keeps both of you happy.

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