Stimulating The Deep Spot

The deep spot though produces quite powerful and an intense orgasm is often the most unrecognized part of the female body. Stimulating the back of the deep spot creates multiple and intense orgasms producing an experience very similar to having anal sex for the woman.


The Deep SpotThe deep spot is located at the back end of the vagina just before the cervix. The deep spot is characterized by two parts. The deep spot hence has a front part and a back part. The back part of the deep spot is said to be the most sensitive and is responsible for creating powerful orgasms. The front part of the deep spot is located along the front wall of the woman’s vagina and the back part of the deep spot is located at the rear end of the vagina. The back part is quite difficult to find because at this point the vagina becomes tilted.

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To locate the deep spot you must use you middle finger and insert it at least 3.5 inches into the vagina and along the front wall. As you go past the spongy area the smooth area just before the cervix is the deep spot. The cervix usually feels like a button. In case you reach this spot you should pull back as most women do not like a touch on the cervix.

How to Stimulate the Deep Spot:

If you are wondering how to stimulate and give a deep spot orgasm then you must find the deep spot. The slowly start stroking the area with the come here motion of your middle finger. In case the woman I not responding with heavy moaning you might want to increase the pressure. The stimulation of the deep spot can be varied by using long as well as short come here motions. Some women also prefer stimulation of the deep spot by using two finger and alternating the come here motion with the two fingers.

The deep spot is quite unique and extremely sensitive. Preferences and expressions of stimulation of the deep spots vary with women. Hence to stimulate the deep spot for powerful orgasms you must concentrate on pleasuring your partner and observing her reactions which will guide you to increase or reduce the pressure for full satisfaction.

To create a deep spot orgasm it almost takes 30 minutes so you will have to remain patient with your partner while her arousal levels are increased with every flick of your finger. Do not rush the stimulation as it might not produce any orgasm at all.

The deep spot of the woman’s vagina is often confused with the g-spot. The g-spot is located much closer to the opening of the vagina while the deep spot is located at the rear end. The g-spot is also known to give powerful orgasm but unlike the intensity of the deep spot. Hence learning how to stimulate the deep spot is a must to make your partner feel strong and intense orgasms. The deep spot can also be stimulated for multiple orgasms.

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