Premature Ejaculation Tips

premature ejaculation tipsOver 50% of the male population have experience the worrisome condition of premature ejaculation at some point of time in their lives. Premature ejaculation is usually caused by psychological factors, and getting more anxious about it only makes the condition worse. If you have experienced this condition, here are some useful tips to let you control premature ejaculation and derive pleasure in sex again.

Maintain A Healthy Lifestyle

A healthy body functions better than an unhealthy body, even in sexual aspects. Regular exercising helps you improve your cardiovascular health and blood flow throughout the body. In addition, you also need to eat right to keep your body and mind fit. Consuming too much of red meat and fatty foods are known to have an adverse effect on your sexual performance. When you have a fit body, even your confidence gets a huge boost, making you feel better about yourself, and this confidence reflects in the bed as well.

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Talk To Your Partner

Stress is one of the leading causes for premature ejaculation is stress. It need not necessarily be related to your sexual performance; even if you are stressed out about work, or have any unresolved conflicts with your partner, it can cause premature ejaculation. Take your partner’s support and advice so that you can work through your issues as a team, no matter what the reason for the stress

Practice Meditation

Meditation and breathing can help you relax your mind and body respectively while you indulge in sex, and the more relaxed you feel, the lesser the urge your body has to climax quickly. Meditation is a powerful technique to control your sexual urges and avoid premature ejaculation. Taking deep breaths helps relax your body and delay ejaculation while having sex.

Try Being Chivalrous In Bed

Ease some of the pressure off sex by making sure that your partner has an orgasm before you have yours. You can try oral sex or foreplay to arouse your partner and give her an orgasm even before you penetrate her. This way, both of you can then feel more relaxed and comfortable with each other and focus on your climax.

Know The Right Pressure Points

Squeezing the head of the penis as you feel ready to ejaculate helps block the onset of the ejaculation so that you can go on for a longer time without worrying about finishing too soon. When you are about to climax when having sex, your scrotum begins rising upwards closer to your body. Try tugging your testes downwards and away from your body to delay ejaculation.

Use External Means

You can even rely on external aids like climax control creams, sprays and condoms that contain a mild anesthetic which helps dull the sensation on the tip of your penis, if you do not meet with much success with the above methods. These aids help prolong your erection so that you can ejaculate much later than you normally would. Under extreme conditions, you can consider taking medication like Viagra or other pills under your doctor’s supervision to prevent premature ejaculation.

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