3 Mistakes When Trying to Last Longer in Bed

Last Longer In Bed MistakesMost men usually draw their confidence from their prowess in bed. Hence often they find themselves feeling low on the self confidence when they cannot last longer in bed and often leave their sexual partners feeling unsatisfied. Though the inability to last longer in bed is not quite serious, the condition is often worsened by thinking and dwelling too much on the issue and when you initiate the intercourse with your partner full of anticipation you are again plagued by the inability to last longer in bed.

Men often make the three common mistakes when trying to last longer in bed. Avoiding these three common mistakes will not only ensure that men last longer in bed but will also have extremely satisfied sexual partners.

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Masturbating is often taken as the trick to last longer in bed. Masturbating before sex if one of the most commonly committed mistakes when trying to last longer in bed, especially if the man masturbates with the intention of finishing quickly. Masturbating to finish quickly can train your thinking into finishing quickly and hence during the sexual intercourse you also end up finishing prematurely. However when the masturbation is the done the correct way, that is to train to last longer it can help to last longer in bed.

Prolonged Foreplay:

Prolonged foreplay is among the top commonly committed mistakes when trying to last longer in bed. Though many magazines and books suggest indulging in a lot of foreplay to satisfy your sexual partner but if you are focusing on lasting longer in bed you might want to try otherwise. The problem begins when the man gets extremely aroused during foreplay causing the ejaculation almost immediately after beginning the sexual intercourse. However to fully satisfy your sexual partner you must indulge in foreplay but maintain the balance between foreplay and sexual intercourse to last longer in bed. Also keeping the arousal in check helps to last longer.

Artificial Solutions:

Using the several quick fixes available to last longer in bed is one of gravest committed mistakes when trying to last longer in bed. The quick fixes that are commonly available in the market are sprays, creams and gels which desensitize the penis to help men last longer. While some of the products do help in lasting longer they can actually aggravate the condition of finishing up faster than usual. These products are just external applicants which do not cure the problem from the root. Since premature ejaculation is often caused by emotional factors dependency on these artificial products aggravates the problem. The quick fixes might be fine for emergency uses but long term usage is never advised.

Hence instead of relying on the artificial solutions to last longer in bed it is best to understand the causes of your problem to treat it. Also avoid the common mistakes when trying to last longer in bed like masturbating just before having sex or masturbating with the aim to finish up quickly and indulging in too much foreplay.

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