Last Longer In Bed Exercises

Every man aspires to last longer in bed so that he can keep his partner happy. Unfortunately, it takes a long time for a woman to climax, while men do not require as much time to have an ejaculation. What makes it worse is that after an ejaculation, a man needs a long gap to recharge before he can get sexually excited again. This makes it even more important for a man to stay hard for more time each time he has sex, to ensure that his partner also gets satisfied during sex. However, we reveal some simple exercises that can build up your stamina and make you last longer in bed.

pelvic floor exercisesThe Kegel exercise involves contraction and release of the pelvic floor muscles repeatedly in order to strength their functioning. These muscles are responsible for controlling your ejaculation when you have sex.You can locate your PC or pubcoccygeous muscles in the pelvic floor region by trying to stop the flow of urine midstream.

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Start by quickly clenching and then releasing the PC muscles repeatedly over a set amount of time, e.g. 5 seconds or 10 seconds, with a corresponding break in between sets to relax. As the muscles get stronger, build up your stamina by increasing the number of repetitions over. You can also try to tighten and hold your PC muscles in this position for a certain amount of time, and gradually increase this time as you gain more strength in these muscles. Start with 5 seconds and try to build up to 30 seconds, and even up to 2 minutes.

You can aim to do about 50 Kegels every alternate day during the initial few weeks. As you feel the PC muscles strengthening, you can gradually work them up to five to ten minutes a day, for about four days every week. The best thing about Kegel exercise is that it can be done anywhere and at any time of the day – even all through the day should you wish to do so. The more Kegels you do, the stronger your muscles get, and the more your stamina becomes.

Another technique to last longer in bed is doing the towel exercise. To do the towel exercise, first massage yourself to get a full erection. Then, place a hand towel over your penis, closer to the base. Make the penis bob up and down with the towel on it by tensing the muscles. Try doing up to 25 repetitions of this movement to help strengthen the penile muscles so that you can hold an erection for a longer time, due to improved blood circulation. You can perform the towel exercise every alternate day over a couple of weeks to get a stronger penis.

Breathing exercises also help you control your breathing properly during sex and help you last longer in bed. During sex, you fail to pay attention of the appropriate breathing rhythm your body requires, thereby losing yourself to overexcitement leading to premature ejaculation. Taking deep breaths during sex helps you lower your level of arousal and hence, delays ejaculation. Perform breathing exercises for at least 10 minutes, twice a day, for about 2 weeks for long lasting erections.

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