Last Longer During Intercourse

last longer during intercourseMen are facing increasing pressure regarding their sexual performance due to greater awareness among couples about issues related to sex. As couples begin to communicate more openly regarding their likes and dislikes when it comes to sex, men find it harder to please their partners in bed. One of the leading contributors to this comes from the duration of intercourse – men tend to ejaculate far too soon, quite often, even before the woman has achieved sexual satisfaction. This causes greater friction and tension between couples, making sex less enjoyable. However, here are a few simple techniques that can let you last longer during intercourse and ensure that your partner also achieves adequate pleasure.

Approach sex with a calm, sure attitude and do not get affected by performance anxiety. The more you stress about it or the more distracted you get, the faster your body will want to get over with the act. And that’s not what you want now, is it? So breathe, get everything else out of your mind, and focus only on getting close with your partner and having a good time. And you will be able to do just that. Get more excited. The idea may sound ludicrously simplistic, but you would be surprised when you become more aware of your level of arousal. The more you look forward to sex, the less you dread it. And the lesser you dread it, the better you become at it, and the longer you can last.

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Instead of thrusting your penis completely into the vagina, spend some time on shallow movements focusing the tip of your penis closer to the vaginal entrance. There is a higher number of sensitive nerve endings present in the vaginal entrance. So you no longer need to worry about thrusting your penis deep into the vagina. Slower, gentler movements not only help reduce the pressure on your penis, but also ensure that she has a good time.

Urinate before sex to let you last longer in bed. Studies reveal that men who have sex without emptying their bladders end up ejaculating a lot sooner than those who make sure that they urinate before engaging in sexual activity. When you urinate, you release some pressure and reduce the strain on your penis, and this helps you stay for a longer time in bed without experiencing any discomfort that could lead to a quick climax.

Foreplay is essential to sexual intercourse, and focusing more on foreplay can help keep some pressure off you and let you hold an erection for a longer period. It can also help her orgasm before you and therefore ease some of the pressure from your mind about staying hard for a long time. Once she climaxes, the two of you can work on giving you a good time. There are many ways you can have a great time with your partner. The more creative you are in the bed, the more you enjoy your time together, and the longer you can last in the sack.

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