Kegel Exercises

Most men often find themselves confronting the problem of being able to last longer in bed and thus having dissatisfied sexual partners. Hence most experts suggest performing the Kegel Exercises for men which helps men control their PC or pubococcygeus muscles to relax and hence last longer in bed. Premature ejaculation in most cases happens when men are busty obsessing about premature ejaculation during the sexual intercourse. This obsession also causes them to appear distracted thus not fully satisfying their sexual partner. The Kegel Exercises hence help men stay focused on pleasuring their sexual partners and also avoid premature ejaculation.

PC MusclesThe PC muscles typically control the flow of urine and semen through the penis, the hardness of the penis during arousal as well as the shooting power of the ejaculation. The PC muscles are hence an important part of the sexual well being of a man. Keeping the PC muscles with regular Kegel Exercises ensures that you have a long, healthy and satisfying sexual life. The biggest advantage however of performing the Kegel Exercises is that you can do them discreetly anytime and anywhere without anyone knowing that you are secretly working to improve your sex life.

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The Kegel Exercises will help improve the firmness of your penis during arousal and will also help you control the level of arousal thus helping you last longer in bed. The PC muscle is located in between the urinary bladder and the beginning of the penis shaft. You can easily locate your PC muscle by stopping the urine flow and feeling the urge to urinate thus determining the location of the PC muscles. You can also locate the PC muscles by inserting a finger in the anus and contracting the right side to feel the muscles. Once you have found them you can start performing the Kegel Exercises daily.

Kegel Exercises:

The Kegel Exercises are performed in a hands free manner. Hence you must not squeeze anything with your hands as all the contraction and relaxation must be done with the PC muscles. To perform the Kegal Exercises you must contract and relax your PC muscles in 10 seconds. The exercise must be done in sets of 3 and repeated after a 10 second break. In case you cannot hold the contractions longer it means that you have weak PC muscles which thus cause finishing off early during sexual intercourse. However by performing the Kegal Exercises everyday for at least 10 minutes you will notice considerable improvement in your performance in just few weeks.


The Kegel Exercises must be done daily. Though you do not need to fix a schedule or a time to perform the exercises you must remember to remove at least 10 minutes daily from your schedule. Perform the exercise at least 50 times holding the contraction for at least 5 seconds. Over time you can increase the number of repetitions as well as the time you hold the contractions.

The Kegel Exercises thus help in achieving harder erections and also to last longer in bed.

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