How To Last Longer While Getting Head

Last Longer Getting HeadWe understand how hard it is for men to control their urge to ejaculate and let their erection and pleasure last a longer time. We also understand just how much harder it gets to keep yourself going during oral sex. For the benefit of such men everywhere, we provide some successful techniques to let you enjoy the moment for a much longer time.

Vary the tempo: Encourage your partner to vary between rapid bobbing and gentle strokes of the tongue. Oral sex need not be only about the in-and-out movement, but also about gradual licking motion. When she goes fast, you feel a greater urge to finish much quicker. However, if she slows down every now and then, it lets you regain control of yourself and delay the urge to come. Let your partner alternate between sucking on the penis and licking it with her tongue and playing with it.

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Extend the focus to other surrounding areas: Give your partner a free run to explore other parts of your body around the penis. As she shifts her focus onto areas like the inner thighs or your testicles, and teases you, it will ease the pressure you feel in your penis and let you stay erect for a prolonged time without the need to ejaculate. You will be surprised by the multitude of sensations you experience all around as she explores other sensitive areas in your body.

Go hands-free: Avoid letting your partner stroke your penis with her hands when she goes down on you. When she works your penis with her hands in addition to giving you head, it increases your excitement and greatly, making you want to ejaculate sooner. Let her use her hands on other parts of your body as she works on your penis with just her mouth, therefore letting you last longer before you feel the need to finish.

Do the 69: It helps to keep you distracted as you go down on her simultaneously, so that you are unable to concentrate on your own pleasure alone. Focus your energy on giving her a good time when she’s doing the same to you, and you will last much longer this way. Also, there’s nothing better than mutual pleasure for a great sex life.

Stop-and-start: Instead of having a continuous go at oral sex, try to change things around to prolong your erection. Pause after some time, change positions, give her the oral treatment for a bit, or even penetrate for a short interval, before getting back into the blowjob. The change keeps the pressure off and lets your penis relax for some time without letting you lose your interest or erection, and ensures that you keep it going for a longer time.

Foreplay is an important aspect of sexual intercourse, and remember, oral sex is just one kind of foreplay. And there are many ways you can have a great time with your partner. The more creative you are in the bed, the more you enjoy your time together, and the longer you can last in the sack.

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