How To Last Longer In Bed Naturally

To love your woman truly and deeply is the utmost desire of any men.  Sex is not only about having intercourse, it is to make each other complete and satisfied.

The sexual act in itself is a process in which a person enjoys every move.  In order to make it pleasurable it should last longer.  There are men who feel embarrassed because they reach orgasm point too soon.  Often men take some medications to delay their ejaculations. However, it is always advisable to go the natural way.

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couple lasting longer in bed naturally

You must know the right ways to stay longer in bed.  There are some exercises and tips with which your sexual activity can last up to 30 minutes.

You must concentrate on your process of lovemaking.  You must spend more time on foreplay and try to be intimate with your partner.  There should be natural urge to come close to your partner and this can build up only by quality sexual act.

You must practise stop and start method. Whenever you feel you are cuming, you must control your feeling and wait until it has subsided.  This way you will gain vigour and thrust. After regular practise, you will be able to last your sexual activity longer.

Try to squeeze below the head of your penis this delays ejaculation.  This act forces the blood from penis thus suppresses orgasm for some time.

You must monitor your excitability rate. Reflect at each stage of arousal.  Try to regulate this activity in an ascending order. This way you will be able to delay your orgasm.

Whenever you are reaching the climax stage, you must distract yourself.  Try to think about off the beat topic. It is funny but it helps.  This gives your longer duration for performance.

Your stamina helps you to stay longer in bed.  You must work out to increase your sexual stamina. The Kegel exercise increases your sexual endurance.  In this method you practise how to tighten your muscle which is involved in ejaculation.  The best way is to stop and start your urination activity.

Always think about your partner’s orgasm.  You must focus on her climax. Make all possible efforts to satisfy your partner.  Through small gestures, you can arouse early orgasm like touch her clitoris, press your penis near her clitoris area, insert your penis only few inches into her vagina and then give forceful thrusts.   All these practices will get her into early orgasm.

Let your partner be on top position.  On top position penis is less stimulated and automatically the ejaculation is delayed. In this position, you will be able to enjoy the sexual intercourse for longer duration.

You must eat many blueberries.  Blue berries have large quantities of vitamins, which increases your sexual stamina.  You must eat handful of blue berries twice or thrice in a week.

To enjoy your sexual activity you must definitely stay long in bed. Practice these small tips and you will definitely see improvement in your sexual activity.  Enjoy the long hours of pleasure on bed naturally.

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