Condoms That Make You Last Longer In Bed

As the pressure increases on men to improve their sexual performance, there are now a host of methods to choose from to last longer in bed. There’s no need to work yourself up and get lose in despair if you feel that you come too soon and are unable to please your partner. One such method to improve your performance is the use of special condoms designed to delay ejaculation. In addition to providing protection from unwanted pregnancies and STDs, condoms can now offer a possible solution to your sexual performance problems and help you last longer in bed.

Condoms To Last Longer In BedThe latex coating of the condom between the penis and vagina reduces the stimulation of nerve endings and hence, reduces the urgency to climax. Such a condom is coated with a standard lubricant on the outside, as well as a special climax control lubricant on the inside which is released when it comes into contact with the penis as it is rolled on. The climax control lubricant desensitizes the nerve endings on tip of the penis, thereby letting you last longer until you feel the need to ejaculate.

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The climax control lubricant typically contains a mild local anesthetic that provides a partial numbing effect and reduces the sensitivity of the penis tip. As with anything new, it takes time to get used to these condoms. It takes time for the anesthetic agent in the lubricant to have an effect on your nerve endings. Take it slow so that you do not ejaculate until the lubricant has its intended effect on your penis tip. During the initial period as you use a special condom, you may not experience any sensation due to the numbing effect. Once the lubricant is exhausted and the numbing effect wears off, you will begin to experience sensitivity on your penis tip. After this, you can gain the pleasure of the act and enjoy the feeling until you feel the need to ejaculate, after a substantial delay.

While the makers of such condoms provide assurances that these condoms allow their users to last longer in bed without any downside, the use of numbing agents could also potentially reduce the pleasure in intercourse.  As a result, this condom may not be suitable for continuous usage and for men who do not have premature ejaculation issues.

Another method recommended by some men involves the use of two condoms over the penis, or using thicker condoms so as to reduce sensation on the tip of the penis. Using 2 or more condoms together could make you last 2-3 times longer during intercourse. However, it is not advisable to use multiple condoms at once due to the risk of the condoms tearing as a result of the friction caused. Also, using a thicker coating between the penis and the vagina inversely reduces sensation and thereby the pleasure of intercourse for you. The lesser the sensation on the tip of your penis, the lesser you enjoy the experience of sex.

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